Friday, June 09, 2023

Thank you for your interest in the Lake Simcoe Repeater Association.  The membership dues are the way we can provide the reliable and quality repeater systems you have come to expect from LSRA.  The repeaters and link radios are a major portion of the capital expense at LSR but the computer infrastructure is now rivalling that cost.  There are also operating expenses such as hydro and internet provision that must be paid on a regular basis.  All of the people that maintain the facilities are volunteer and no one is paid for their time or expenses to keep things operating.  Your dues or donations are used 100% for the actual expenses of maintaining the services at the repeater site.  Dues are payable at the time of request for the current year and renewable in December for the following calendar year.

The information you provide in the form on the right will be used to create a membership record for you and a way for us to contact you.  Don't forget to SUBMIT the form.  If any fields have a red message associated to them, your form did not submit properly.  Correct the error and re-submit.

We are constantly looking for ways to make LSR more useful and efficient.  Some of these facilities such as web-based control of the radio linking at the site will only be offered to members.  There will be a login option on the website to give our membership access to these new features as they are available.  Other options such as phone patch access are available but are manually configured at this time.  Let us know at help (at) if this is of interest to you.  

If you wish to become a member, fill out the form at the right and click SUBMIT.  After that you can click Donate at the bottom of the page and enter an amount.  Dues are $40.00 per year but donations of any amount in addition to that would be greatfully accepted!  Please put your Callsign and "New Member" in the comments section of your payment.

Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC) are charging us $13.00 per year for each member of our club that is not a RAC member.  Please add this cost to your membership dues if you are not a RAC member.  Thank you.

Enjoy the benefits membership brings.


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