Sunday, May 16, 2021

After a couple days worth of work, VE3LSR D-Star is fully upgraded and on new infrastructure. There might be a little more tweaks to do, however the worst of the work is over.

G2 -> G3 Upgrade

We decoupled the G3 registration server from the rest of the systems. This is now a fully stand alone system that only does registration. At the same time, it was upgraded from the G2 version to the G3.

ircddbgateway upgrade

This was challenging. We've settled on using virtualization, and dockerization for our systems and services. Where ever possible, we build systems using a micro-service design. IE; One "container" per service. The team was able to get ircddbgateway running inside a container making future upgrades clean, and easy.

All of our work is placed into open source!

You can find all our docker work, online in the docker hub - -- Even the build scripts are open source! Click on a project, and find the github link to be taken to the builds.