The Lake Simcoe Repeater Association is pleased to announce the commissioning of their weather alarm and reporting service located at Edgar ON It leverages the Environment Canada Weather Radio site at Collingwood - it operates on 162.475 Mhz FM.


VE3LSR Weather Access Details


On Command - Weather can be called up at any time on 146.850 - FM-2m-1, 147.315 - FM-2m-2, or 442.575 - FM-70cm by simply dialing *715 - after 2m40s it will shut off.

Alert Mode - LSRA will broadcast a message on VHF1 (146.85-) and you will be able to use the code *715 to listen to the Weather Alert Broadcast. If the frequency is in use for other conversations or a net please use one of the other connected repeaters to listen to the alert.

These emissions from Environment Canada are broadcast in both English and French. LSRA has no control over language selection. You will have to wait until the French messaging is complete.

If you want to stop listening before the timeout dial *704 to return the repeater to default condition.