Tuesday, December 07, 2021
Tx Frequency: 147.315
Rx Offset: +.600
CTCSS: 156.7
Mode: FM
Services: Allstarlink, IRLP, Weather Rx
AllStarLink Node: 29154
IRLP Node: 2688



 The hardware is a Kenwood NXR-710 repeater programmed to require PL on receive.  This can be changed to carrier squelch by a controller command.  It is deployed as PL-follows-PL so that the PL tone is only transmitting when the receiver is receiving PL.  If you enable PL tone on your receiver you will hear all audio from another station, but will not hear any controller generated hardware.  A signal received via Allstar or IRLP will generate PL so that it is heard as well.  The hardware is capable of NXDN, the Kenwood digital flavour, but is not enabled on this repeater.

The output of the repeater is fed to a Crescend PA amplifier for a net output to the multicoupling of 80w.  

The repeater and associated controllers are powered by a Samlex power supply which supplies a battery-backed up 13.8vdc from a 240vac supply.




Weather Rx

  • Samlex_1
  • Crescend_1
  • RLC-DSP404_1
  • nx710