Why Belong!

As a supporter of the LSRA you help provide the Central Ontario Amateur Radio community with:

  • Web accessible status on Major Systems ( IRLP, AllStar/Echolink, and DSTAR)
  • A 6m low-band VHF Repeater - now connectable to VHF & UHF systems.
  • A wide area, general use, 2m VHF repeater with Asterisk / Echolink(146.850) - SIP and Echolink access is available for LSRA members only - Autopatch access for members only.
  • A wide-area 2m Repeater with IRLP (147.315) & Asterisk - Allstar. Now available with Amateur Radio Audio News announcements from around the World.
  • A wide-area 70cm Repeater with Asterisk - Allstar.
  • Web transceiver and iaxrpt Windows client access to all Allstar accessible systems.
  • VE3MUS link access. Done with RF and not Internet.
  • Access to ARRL / Amateur Radio News Line and WIA announcements on VHF 147.315.
  • Repeater cross connect functionality.
  • A wide area, general use, 70 cm UHF DSTAR repeater (now with Freestar features)
  • A wide area, general use, 2 M VHF DSTAR repeater (now with Freestar features)
  • An Amateur Position Reporting System
  • Access to a growing digital radio data network - DSTAR based
  • Immediate DSTAR registration.

Community Benefits

As a member of LSRA you also support a world-class, public service, auxiliary communications system operated in support of your municipality’s emergency management organization and Support Agencies such as Red Cross, Salvation Army, the North Simcoe Muskoka Local Health Initiative Network, the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit, and hospitals, as coordinated through the Simcoe County Ham Radio Emergency Communications (SCHRECgroup and municipal-level ARES groups.