Sunday, September 26, 2021

To all of our 6m users, you may have noticed that our receiver has been constantly triggered lately.  There is some local interference that is plaguing us and our solution has been to enable the PL of 156.7 Hz on the receive.

This will require that we all transmit a tone of 156.7 (5A) to open the repeater at VE3LSR.  We will continue to look for solutions but this should make the repeater useable again.  Thanks to all for your patience.

Chuck VA3SD for VE3LSR

Donations and membership dues payment through Paypal has been turned back on and tested.  

Feel free to send money!

Chuck for VE3LSR


Over 7 years ago, LSRA received a Trillium Grant of just over $30K. That grant enabled us to bring LSR up to the standard you see today. Take a few moments to have a look at the services that LSRA provides: From a commercial site with a 400ft tower, we provide these services over a wide area to the amateur community.  We have been very fortunate obtaining additional funding over and above the membership income to support LSRA.  This additional money paid for some of the operating cost and allowed us to put some money aside for maintenance. Late last Fall, one of the Crescend UHF 100W amplifiers sustained a lightning strike. This resulted in a $1361 repair! The system we built 7 years ago, that runs 24/7, is starting to show its age. We should be setting aside more money for maintenance.  Right now, there are no services that we can shut down to save money.   

Our yearly operating cost is $3069.05. With 51 members paying $30.00, we are barely raising half of the cost of keeping LSR going. What are our operating expenses?  Our RAC liability insurance cost for 2021 is $583.19.  There is a fixed portion assigned to this cost and an added cost depending on if one is a member of RAC or not. If you are a member of RAC, we pay $1, if you are a non-member of RAC, we pay $13. We have 19 non-members of RAC. 19 X $13 = $247. We have to correct this. Our yearly hydro and rent cost is $1808. Our internet, cost per year, is $677.86. The current internet connection is giving us bandwidth issues that is impacting some of the services.  Our yearly operating cost is just over $3,000. I don’t think you need a calculator to see the shortfall. So far, that shortfall, has been made up by some very generous supporters and grants. 


The immediate problem is that there is an internet bill ($677.86) due in February and there is not enough money to cover it.  We have hydro and rent due in May.  Unless we make changes to our membership dues, don’t be too surprised if you wake up one morning to find one of the services not working and remaining that way because we cannot afford to repair or replace the service. I don’t want to see this happen and I don’t think you do either. As long as I can remember, membership in LSR has been $30. As of now I am proposing to increase the membership dues from $30 to $40 and for those who are not members of RAC, to add an additional $13.  This has not been an easy letter to write. Seeking money from the amateur community has never been easy. We need 80 members at $40 to cover operating cost and maintain our operation. We need your membership help and perhaps a donation as well. I don’t want to see shutting down or losing services as an option.


Please go to: and help support LSRA


Thank You


Bob Simpson VE3ODR

President LSRA

We have had to disable the donation button temporarily while we set up a new system for receiving donations and membership dues.

Please bear with us and we will get it up as soon as possible.

Thank you.  Chuck for VE3LSR

Friends of LSR.
I hope this finds you and your family in good health. 
The best way to deal with a problem is to cut right to the chase. Folks, LSRA needs some money. This year we have paid $357.74 for insurance and $677.86 for the internet. We have a 3 year site management agreement with Sitecom Services and it is up for renewal. The annual building rent has gone from $300 a year to $400 a year and our utility cost has gone from $1080 a year to $1200 an year.  Add the taxes and we are about to receive a bill for $1808 and we are $154 short. It does not sound like much but given the human and economic impact of Covid-19 will have on us I realize this it is not the best time to ask for membership renewals or donations….but unfortunately I am asking. I am asking for your help to take care of our shortfall in funds at this time and a little more to take care of any future maintance costs that I know will come.  
If you use and enjoy the features that LSR offers, consider becoming a member or make a small donation. We have made becoming a member or donating to LSR easier than ever using PayPal:
Go to
Click Membership.
If you would like to donate, go to the bottom of the page under 'Support LSR'.
Under Amount, which defaults to $30, click this box and enter your donation amount, then click ‘Donate’. 
Consider joining LSR or renewing you membership.
Under ‘Membership' click either 'New Member" OR 'Renewal Membership’.
Fill in the appropriate form, go to the bottom of the page. ‘Amount’ this defaults to $30. If you want to add a donation change the $30 membership amount and then click ‘Donate'.   
If you don’t want to use PayPal send a cheque to:
636 Lake Shore Rd East
Oro-Medonte Ontario
L0L 2E0

Bob Simpson 
President LSRA