Registration - while not always necessary for operation - it is recommended that you register your callsign at VE3LSR or another Icom G2 gateway system. Registration will permit full access to all REF and XRF reflector systems. There is a link for registration in the side panel.

LSRA employs the G2_LINK software for reflector connectivity and operation - the big advantage is that you no longer need to program into your radio complex sequences for connecting / disconnecting to the various reflectors. Everything can now be done with a DTMF / touchtone pad on your radio. This is literally a godsend.

LSRA also supports DVDongle connectivity.

Command Code Description

  • Common DTMF Commands

    Disconnect = #

    Status = 0

    Disconnect CCS call routing = A

    Reconnect to default connection = **

  • DCS001A = D1A = D101

    1D = D1D = D104

    DCS005A = D5A = D501

    5B = D502

    6Q = D617

  • X Reflectors

    X-Net XRF 10B = B10B

    X-Net XRF 21B = B21B

  • DPlus-Net

    REF 006 C = *6C

    REF 005 A = *5A