On October 14 2021 the riggers came off the tower and all systems were reverted to their pr-existing connections.  All systems came up properly and should be operational.  

The PA for the VHF1 repeater was showing some degradation so it was replaced and will be looked at with a view to repairing or replacing it.  The UHF link to the Huntsville repeaters at the VE3MUS system was taken out of service and we will look at a new way to connect to VE3MUS in an emergency.  That frequency is not longer in service so we will find another way to do it.

During the shutdown we took the opportunity to move some of the components in the racks and clean up the wiring.  There is still room for improvement but it is much better than it was.  

Thank you for your patience throughout the outage.  Thank you also to those who were involved in the testing when the repeaters came back up.

Chuck VA3SD for VE3LSR