Sunday, May 16, 2021

Had a minor flood at the VE3LSR site on Feb 4, 2019. The rains overnight coupled with the frozen ground saw us mopping up another 80 litres of water from the floor today. This is not the first time this has happened this year! 
Fortunately the water alarm we installed a few years ago notified us by email and VA3VD organised a cleanup. There was no damage due to the flood to any radio or computer equipment but exercise was had by both Dave (VA3VD) and Doug (VE3ADS).  Plans are being formulated to minimize this for next year.  Maybe some landscaping!

The tech team is excited to announce that the LSR D-Star Registration Server has been upgraded from the previous G2 version to the new G3 version. Existing users have been migrated. We look forward to amateur radio operators using the new features.

Note: Maintaining the registration server and all LSR services do require time and money. If you use the LSR registration servers, please be considerate and become a member.

The new software has significant improvements over its previous version and will enable D-STAR users to operate the “Terminal ID” and “Access Point” features for the ID-51EPlus2 and ID-4100E D-STAR radios.

In the process of this upgrade, the registration server, and D-Star repeaters have been fully decoupled. This means that this service does not impact our Local D-Star Repeaters and additional work and upgrades can be completed.

Hello Friends!

Echolink and Allstar has just been moved over to a new server. Please let us know if you find any issues.

FCC Public Notice: Two-way vhf/uhf radios may not be imported, advertised, or sold in the united states unless they comply with the commission’s rules.

Amateur Radio Exception. There is one exception to this certification requirement: if a device is capable of operating only on frequencies that the FCC has allocated for use by Amateur Radio Service licensees, it does not require FCC equipment authorisation, and an amateur licensee may use his or her license to operate such radios.

Wow, there has been a LOT of work in the background for LSR this past month.

A few months ago, one of the machines was rebuilt and a virtual machine server. This past month, things have been migrated and rebuilt. We have a bunch of things to look forward to soon:

New email server
- This will allow members to have email stored at LSR and access it remotely via web or mail clients. We also retain the ability to forward LSR emails to other email accounts

New Mailing List Server
- This allows members and non-members to interact via emails. This is a subscription based service, so you can sign up, or unregister yourself from these. There will be lots of topics available. Public mailing lists will also have the histories available on the web

New Wiki
- This will be the place for documentation and how-to's. This will require authorization to edit, but we welcome people to request access and write articles on how to do things in the community.

There's a bunch more things coming down the pipes. Keep an eye here, and on the website as we move forward into 2018!

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